Sunday, October 16, 2011

Darling, I'm Just Here To Party

Friday night was amazingly fun!

It started out with family bonding over dinner. My cousin, Ana, was finally able to tag along! We didn't know where to have dinner so I chose a place we haven't tried yet - Zuni. The place looks fancy shmancy, and their menu is somewhat pricey, but the ones we tried were definitely worth the price!
For starters, aside from their warm, tasty, and crisp-on-the-outside-soft-on-the-inside complimentary bread and butter, I had this Tomato Prawn Bisque. It was creamy, flavorful, and contained lots of shrimp bits in it, so it satisfied me!

For my main course, I wanted to have pasta but then I saw that the price for their surf and turf was unbelievably cheap (compared to others, of course), so I was tempted to try it. The dish, Wagyu Beef Topblade and Black Tiger Prawns (the dish's name itself is already a win!), did not disappoint, as it had 3 slices of steak and around three pieces of jumbo shrimp. It came with vegetables and potato cake (something like mashed potato) and sauce that goes well with the dish.

The restaurant offers a wide variety of dessert, but being a chocoholic, I ordered Chocolate Mousse Layered with Pistachio Meringue. The dessert was okay and not as sweet as expected, so I guess it'd be perfect for those craving for chocolate yet do not want to feel high on sugar.

After our interesting conversations during dinner, we took pictures first before I met up with friends at Crocodile Grille in Greenbelt 3 then to Fiamma!

DRESS: zebra print one-sided dress from Cotton On // SHOES: nude wedges from Charles & Keith // BAG: black shoulder bag with ribbon from Zara // ACCESSORIES: gold chain necklace with blue tassels from Bedazzled Accessories // gold bangle and gold star connector ring both from Forever 21
Last time I've been to Fiamma was during my 21st party last August, so it was fun to hit the place again and have so Fresh Fridays fun! I finally got to claim my free drinks, yay! The night til early morning was spent dancing for hours and mingling with friends. 'Til next time!

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Happy Shopping Sunday!

I got invited by my blogger friend, Megann, to Trendsetter's Bazaar last Sunday. I've always wanted to check out those online shops selling in bazaars up north but never got the chance to cause I'm lazy and I refuse to pay the entrance fee, so it was cool to have been invited to attend a free bazaar event (yuck, newb much?!).

My fave = Cocoa Rocksalt Cheese

Megann and I arrived at Rockwell a little past 11, so we decided to satisfy our Happy Lemon craving first since it was still early. I was so happy I finally had my fave cocoa rocksalt cheese fix after months! :) and as expected, it did not disappoint! This simple drink really does bring joy!! :) Megann and I just spent time catching up on what's going on in our lives, since we only hang out once in a while.

Us trying to imitate the Happy Lemon girl
We then had our own outfit photos taken. It was my first official outfit photo to be taken by one who knows all the angles, lighting, and whatnot (Chino, better observe and learn!) and I asked to be taught how to pose, since I'm awkward to be shot in public (and I only have one signature pose!) so it was fun!

TOP: hot pink eyelet top from Pink Manila // black spaghetti strapped top from Forever 21 // BOTTOM: black bodycon skirt from Zara // SHOES: pink suede sandals from Zara // BAG: black shoulder bag from Coach // ACCESSORIES: gold star connector ring from Forever 21 // black and gold fox ring from China (gift by boyfie c:)
Then finally it was time to head to the bazaar wherein Chino and sister, Isay, and our friends, RC, Carissa, Ej also followed. When I entered, I felt like in shopping heaven! It's not my first time to check out bazaars, I'm a regular at Cuenca! But this felt different! The shops offered all the accessories, clothes, bags, and shoes you could think of. Sadly, I only went home with a pink silky-material skirt from IHeartMatilda, a dark blue tassel and chain necklace, and feather ear cuff both from Bedazzled Accessories. I saw lotsa cute and interesting buys (especially rings) but I didn't feel like spending my moolah on them. But there's this pink blazer I saw (I'm dying to own one okay!) which was quite pricey (but all blazers are anyway). I was thinking of getting but never got the chance to go back for it. So now I'm kinda regretting not going back for it :(

With Chino's tall sister, Isay
After the bazaar, Chino, Isay, and I went around the mall and ate at Cibo. It was my first time to try the Spinach dip, and to my surprise it was really good! It had a hint of cheese in it, which complemented the dip. My pasta was so-so, it lacked taste for me :( the pizza, on the other hand, tasted good. We headed to my house afterwards and had a few games of Monopoly Deal before they had to leave in time for us to go to mass.

Spinaci Zola
Spaghettini Alla Pescatora
Praga Bianca
After mass with my family, mom and I went to Festi. I finally got to buy the shoes I've been eyeing! I'm super duper in love with it, so I'm finding every chance to wear it!! :) hihi. Plus the mall was on sale so I got a black top from PRP!

So after this shopping day, I'm really really really (I know I've said this before, but I'll really try) not to shop anymore! St. James bazaar is in a month or so, and so many foreseen expenses when December comes, so I gotta save up!!
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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tales of Porkchop & Chubbylita: Episode One

Even before I got grounded, Chino and I haven't had time to spend alone as we've always been with friends and family, so it was nice to go on a date night with him last Saturday.

First Outfit Photo!
TOP: blue and white striped polo from Zara // BOTTOM: white shorts from Zara // SHOES: brown sandals from Zara // BAG: black shoulder bag from Coach // ACCESSORIES: wing ring & necklace from bazaar // belt from Aeropostale // heart ring from Forever 21
He picked me up before 7 so we could claim our reserved tickets online. The showing of What's Your Number was still at 8 so we had time to kill. We just went around the mall then went inside the cinema few minutes before 8 when I decided I wanted Dairy Queen. We walked all the way back to the new wing just to get it, but it was all worth it! I had my usual Mud Pie, and Chino got Oreo. Luckily, we got back in time for the trailers to start and saw lots of good upcoming movies we'd like to watch like New Year's Eve and In Time.

The movie was cute and funny, like I expected, since the lead actress is Anna Faris, the great comedienne who starred in House Bunny, Hot Chick, and Scary Movie.

After Town, we headed to Serendra to satisfy my Sonja's Cupcakes craving, and at the same time let the rain die down before going to Mercato. Being an ultimate chocoholic, the two cupcakes I always order from Sonja's are Choco Cream Pie and Melt-in-Your-Mouth Flourless Chocolate Cupcake, but sadly (lucky for my body actually, less calories), the latter one was the only one available that time.

The cupcake, being flourless, is so rich and moist that it really melts in your mouth! This cupcake definitely goes to my list of best desserts I've tried! Hmm, which gives me an idea, maybe I should make one...

After satisfying my sweet tooth, we headed to Midnight Mercato. We looked around and found really interesting dishes to try but we both opted to get the Steak on a Stick as it was the cheapest one that offers angus beef steak. Chino ordered beef salpicao with rice from another stall while I ordered fried tempura maki.

The place was smokey, humid, and crowded than usual, so we just decided to have a picnic in his car, which I personally liked. It was just the two of us having a not-so-fancy meal inside the car with the car light on and windows down, bit romantic I must say :)

The steak on a stick was good, since the cut we bought (which was the cheapest at P80) was thick and filling, at the same time tasty as it came with what i think is mushroom garlic sauce. Although if we wish to buy it again next time, we'd choose to have it medium-well done, cause the well done was just too hard to chew off from the stick. After getting it, I realized that I should've just tried the other steak dishes for comparison, oh well. Chino's salpicao with rice tasted good as well, it had the right amount of garlic taste. The rice it came with had the salpicao sauce all over, just how I like it. My tempura maki was pretty okay for P95 and it was around 6 pcs, it was filling and tasty cause of the mix of Kikoman and extra Japanese mayo for dipping I requested for free!

Although some may not even consider it as a legit date, for me it was. It was nice that I spent a fun quiet night with my boyfriend, experienced new things with him, and of course, got our tummies full and filled (fulfilled, lol)! 

P.S. I call him Porkchop, he calls me Chubbylita (from the telenovela Chabelita)
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Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Hey, October!

I've had this blog for weeks now but only two weeks into blogging and I've already stopped updating! Mostly because I've been feeling so uninspired to compose posts about things and maybe cause I've been waiting for something interesting to write about. So in order to keep things running around here, I'll just blog about what's been happening lately. No, it doesn't have anything to do with the real Oktoberfest, but it's just that so far, October has been pretty good to me. My September was...crappy.

September 30 - October 1
Me and Chino
My parents
As part of our usual family bonding, my parents and I had dinner at Chili's. It's been a long time since we last ate there, and we enjoyed our experience last time, so we thought of revisiting. To celebrate Chino's job acceptance, we also invited him to join us for dinner.

We waited for almost, if not exactly, an hour to be seated as the place was packed! So imagine how hungry we were! Good thing in the middle of waiting, they gave out free baskets of tortilla chips with salsa dip to compensate their customers' starving stomachs. We already ordered what we wanted while waiting, so the food arrived quicker than expected. For starters, we had Wings Over Buffalo, which is chicken drumettes in buffalo wings sauce with celery sticks and bleu cheese. It had around 7 pieces of tiny chicken drumsticks, hence, drumettes. Although the sauce wasn't too tangy for me, I found their bleu cheese dip to be better than the usual (Kraft's) bleu cheese as it didn't taste as strong but it had chunks too. For my drink, I opted for a Molten Chocolate smoothie, a vanilla based ice cream and milk drink with chocolate coatings, since I didn't find their dessert menu to be that appealing (there wasn't enough chocolate!). Then for my main course, at first I opted for a Santa Fe Steak but then I thought, Fajitas would be a Chili's must try, so Chino and I shared the Fajita Trio. It was sizzling steak, chicken, and shrimp, hence "trio", with sizzling bell peppers and onions, that came with soft tortilla. You're supposed to wrap the trio into the tortilla and fill it with cheese, greens, sour cream, and guacamole that were included. Chino and I started eating our meal that way, but we ended up ordering rice and mashed potatoes to fill ourselves up. Haha



After dinner, Chino and I walked around Greenbelt 5 first, then headed to Kyss for the pre-Masskara party. The place was packed, but what made the party cool was the free glow in the dark face paint. After Kyss, we went to Izakaya to meet up with friends and have a few drinks.

October 1
Me and Monica. I curled my hair :)
Upon seeing the trailer of Derek Ramsay's (in case you don't know, I have the biggest crush on him!!) new movie, No Other Woman, last week (especially the scene where he tore his top and revealed his perfectly sculpted torso) I WAS SOLD. So I was really excited (first time I got ever excited to watch a Filipino movie) to watch No Other Woman with my friend, Monica. The showing was at 10:45, so to kill time, we bought Starbucks drinks. I was torn between choosing my favorite Hazelnut frappé or Dark Chocolate Mocha, which I like too (it's just v. pricey), but lucky for me, Starbucks recently added a new drink - Creme Brulee frappé (milk, espresso, and roasted caramel) for only P135. The drink was true to the taste of Creme Brulee, with roasted caramel syrup on top of the whipped cream.
As for the movie, it wasn't bad for a Filipino movie. It wasn't cheesy or poorly directed, the film locations were good, especially the featured resort - Thunderbird aka "Costa Luz". The storyline and acting seemed genuine too, which actually made me think about marriage and cheating. And last but not the least, it was funny! The lines thrown by Cristine Reyes and Anne Curtis were funny, as well as the mom of Cristine's character in the movie. My mom got surprised when I told her that the movie's funny after asking about it, and even questioned, "isn't that a drama film?"

October 4
I've been enrolled in Fitness First for several months now, but I haven't tried their Group X classes until this day (plus the gym in my area also upgraded to a premium club, so I've been feeling excited to hit the gym!). First of all, Group X (group exercise) is a program that offers different classes wherein FF gym-goers take part in, whether it be dance, yoga, cycling, and so much more. So for kicks, I tried the Gentle Flow class (yoga). It was my first time to attend a yoga class ever, and I thought I'd feel intimidated since I'm not flexible and not into sports or anything, but I actually enjoyed it. You really get to stretch every part of your body and even sweat. It was very relaxing at the same time cause in the beginning and end of the session, you're asked to meditate and just focus on your breathing. Before the session ended, the instructor turned off the lights as we were asked to just lie down and relieve all tensions in our body, which felt great! Parts of my body's currently aching from all that stretching, haha. I can't wait to try it again! Or the Hot Flow (similar to Bikram) next time!

October 5
After work, my dad and I had another dinner date, but this time at Terry's in Makati. We enjoyed their chocolate dessert last time we ate there so we decided to come back for it today. Terry's Selection offers pricey Spanish cuisine but the place gave me a Greek-ish feel to the restaurant's interior as it was all white and somewhat classy. For my appetizer, I initially wanted the Pumpkin Soup as it's claimed to be the resto's best seller, but my dad chose to have it, so I chose Onion Soup (onion soup topped with bread and melted French Comte cheese) instead. The soup tasted bland compared to other onion soups I've tried, and it also had a hint of alcohol in it (haha). I actually didn't find anything that scrumptious enough to eat for my main course, so I just ordered Shrimp Risotto (a creamy rice dish with shrimp). It was good at first as it was creamy and every scoop contained shrimp, although I think the rice could be a little softer, but in the middle of eating it, I felt a bit saturated by its creamy taste. And I was also looking forward to the dessert!! :P

My dad and I each ordered Marquesa de Chocolate, a very rich and decadent chocolate marquise sprinkled with almond praline. I highly recommend this if you're a chocolate lover like me! It's the right kind of sweet for me, and the almond praline complemented the smoothness of the marquise, so it was such an orgasm. It also has a sugar free version, for those watching your sugar level. Sometime in the future, when I feel I burned enough calories, I'll go back there just to order that perfect dessert! ;)
Now, doesn't this look sinful?

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