Saturday, November 5, 2011

Daily Dose of Life: One

It's sad how some things have an expiration date.

I tweeted about this yesterday after hearing about several couples breaking up for personal reasons. Coincidentally, later that day, I was also engaged in a conversation with a friend of mine who said he sees his newly started relationship coming to an end sooner or later as their future living situations would get in the way of what they wish to last. As much of a realistic person that I am, there are times when I'd like my faith and optimism to intervene, so I replied to him by saying something like, "Why think of your relationship as something that will end? You don't go into relationships thinking it'll have an expiration date. You'll never know, what if you guys can work things out?" I mean, yeah he's right, realistically or even statistically, long distance relationships don't work out. It requires effort, patience, understanding, loyalty, and even money. But what if it does work out? Then you passed out on that opportunity; you allowed yourself to let go of something special without even putting up a fight.

I guess at some point some things don't really last. Cake doesn't last long, clothes get worn out, shoes get broken, money gets spent, gadgets depreciate, relationships end...(you get the picture)... not all things we want can last forever. It's a sad reality. But doesn't mean we can't prolong the end credits from rolling, right? Cake should be refrigerated, clothes, shoes and gadgets are to be taken care of, money can be saved or reinvested, and relationships need to be strengthened.

Endings, no matter how they turn out may still be sad. It's a tragedy that Romeo and Juliet died without knowing what could have happened to them if only Romeo didn't try killing his self first. Allie and Noah's love for each other surpassed every trial and even died hand in hand beside each other, but that was still, uhm, romantically sad(?) (well maybe for me, I teared up!). But most of the time what matters is the story (that they once found a love so great) and the life lesson we get from that experience (uhm, don't be stupid and drink poison? or freaking text Romeo about your plans!). Not so much the ending. Just like what I told my friend, "if it were to end, at least she was able to make you feel happy and loved at some point in your life." Well, what I'm trying to say is, whether something will end or not, just make sure to make the ride worthwhile to avoid regrets.

Maybe these endings happen for a reason, maybe the things we want (at that time) unfortunately aren't what God wants for us. Maybe we're meant for something bigger, better. We just have to try and take risks until we find something that could (would) last.

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