Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Just Like The Good 'Ol Days ♡

After that fun Friday spent partying in Fiamma, we planned on going again the next week. At the same time, one of my friends who recently graduated, Megann, was offered a free table that came with an open bar! My college friends were going as well, so through Megann, I was given a table and open bar stubs to give to them. What a fun night, giving away drinks to everybody - felt like it was my birthday party once again! Aside from that, all my high school friends (except Shelley, who's now residing in Australia) were present!! That rarely happens, even on special occasions, so it was great to see everyone (even those not so into the partying scene, and those who are always missed) get together and have a great time.

All Zobel girls represent!! My barkada + Gail's
Chino and his friends, and Ate Riza of Fiamma
Sheng finally showed up, last saw her during summer! Bora`11 crew - "Marc Nelson"
Boyies: Ej, Rc, Chino
Some of my college friends! Zal, Kim, Val, Gail, Nicole
Girlies - Megann, RoseMae, Monica, Nina, Alyssa (me), Sheng, Kaye, Carissa, Bianca
After Fiamma, we headed to Resorts World. Chino and I have been of legal age for months now, so we decided to finally become members.

I was a casino newb, so we tried our luck with the different slot machines. We played for only P100 each, got a few credits but lost all anyway. At the end, I said, "THAT'S IT?? What a waste of money!" Haha so I guess, you won't see me gambling my money away!! Heck, I'd rather go shopping!!!

After playing in the casino, we met up again with my friends who were in UCC, then before heading to Carissa's condo in Newport, we discovered a good lighting spot to take pictures!

When we got to Newport, we chatted, laughed, watched TV, and stayed up late (like 6am late) - just like the good 'ol days (high school days!) whenever we'd sleepover (only now we have our cars to get us anywhere and condos to sleep in!). Those are the simple joys I missed!

So much stuff!!

After that, we went to BF to have really late lunch at Chicken Charlie around 3pm, then headed home.

Oh the weekend that was  hopefully our next complete get together won't take months, girls!

Photo credits:
Kaye Torres & RoseMae Rubio
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